Open Mic Nights the Rock House Glenview

Hi everyone,

Since the last couple of weeks I've been joining the open mic nights at the Rock House Glenview.

It was pretty exciting because it has been a few years that I went on stage, and that was with a band.

now I'm solo and acoustic.

I purchased myself a vocal harmozinzer and looper from TC Helicon a little while ago and I have been practicing since.

I have to say that it works great! It adds so much more on your vocals and guitar sound.

It takes a lot of time to create your settings by the way, But in the end you'll be happy because you have created your own unique sound.

And people already talking about it like.... Hey you know? that guy? with the backing vocals...? haha

Very cool.

So the first time I played 3 songs,

  1. Home - cover by Billy Cupdrup
  2. So Beautiful - cover by Pete Murray
  3. Move on - cover by Jet

The second time I played 2 songs,

  1. Dreams - original by myself Will van Lierop
  2. Bright Lights - cover by Matchbox Twenty

Today Tuesday July 25, 2017 I am going to do another 2 songs.

  1. Opportunity - cover by Pete Murray
  2. A Day Without You - original by myself Will van Lierop

I didn't had much time to practice last week otherwise I'd played a set of my own songs.

so I practice this week a little more for next week.


If you are in the Glenview area just by chance please stop by at the Rock House, 1742 Glenview Rd, Glenview, IL 60025

and say hi! they have great drinks and excelent grilled cheeses and pzza's

The open mic starts at 7:30pm till 9:00pm

Hope to see you then!



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