Will van Lierop

Will van Lierop brings serenity with his big warm acoustic guitars, soothing voice and harmonic strings, that creates a relaxing beautiful ambient in his strong uplifting melodic songs.


When I was young I always drawn myself back into music. 

I never left the house without my walkman and a headphone on my head.
It was a safe place for me where I could dream away from the reality, and the problems around me.

I love to write and compose songs, so I started to write down how I felt and translated it into music.
While playing the chords on my guitar I tried to find the words that fitted within the melody.
Some years later I played in several bands and created an own rock band where I was the guitarist and singer.

We also had to get a nice taste of the live performances and played in bars, cafe’s and festivals.
During the road I learned a lot of the music business, and from that moment I knew what I had to do.

It was time to take all my songs, write new ones and start producing it.

My name is Will van Lierop and I’m a singer songwriter 

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