Still recovering

Hi you,

How's it going?

It's been almost 2 months ago when I injured my right shoulder.
I'm right handed so that is extra messed up.
The recovery is going slow, but it's making progress.
So that means that all my work is on hold right now.
Hopefully I can record my new songs shortly.

The other songs that I've recorded in the last quart of 2016 will be picked up soon also.
The songs "Find You Today" and "Get Up and Try" are finished.
I'm waiting until "Dreams" and "Secrets" are finished, they are still in the mix phase.
But when they are done I can focus on the release of the singles and CD single.

Now, it doesn't mean that I didn't do anything the past 2 months.
I have been working on the single- and album cover which is pretty much a challenge.
It's hard to make a cover what relates to the song, But I can do it. I have some time left.

I have also have been thinking about the next songs for recording.
I miss my electric guitar that I use to play with in the band back home in the Netherlands.
Just the feel of kicking drums, heavy bass and crashing guitar is so powerful that I need to record it.
So, the next songs will be recorded the way we played it in the band.
I will update later which song will be first on the list.

Well, this is all for now.

Thank you for your time reading my update.
I hope that I can make you happy soon when my songs are released.

So, Just hang in there!

Thanks again!



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