Will van Lierop in Recording!

Hi everyone!

Have you ever wondered why it was so quiet here with Will van Lierop?

Why you haven't heard from him for a while or was low active on the social media platforms?

Wel that's because the last couple of months I have been very busy with integrating in the US and writing my ass off with new songs!

I had a lot of rainy days so what I did was try to wear cute boots and jump in the puddles. ;)

Imagine this, you follow the rules from A to C but instead they direct you from B to A to C.

That's crazy! I think that everybody had this scenario. so annoying.


But now, here we are.

I'm followed my own rules and I'm so exited to tell you that this week the recordings has started.

I have 4 songs in recording.

The songs titles are:

- Get up and Try

- Dreams

- Find you

- Secrets

The instrumental parts of "Get Up and Try" and "Dreams" are done. 

"Find You" will be recorded on Friday November 4 2016 and "Secrets" on Monday November 7 2016.

When the instrumental tracks are recorded, the vocal parts will be next.

Now I'm working on a big album of great rock songs full of rocking guitars, heavy bass and kick ass drums.

But these 4 songs are the acoustic versions of it, less power-full but strong and uplifting, and will be released as singles.

Why?... Months has passed since my latest release, the rock album is a really big project and so it takes a lot of time to produce.

And therefore I'm releasing a few songs to keep You, my Fans satisfied.

So I'm debating about releasing these 4 songs separately, or all at once as a mini cd single?

My head keeps spinning and thinking what the best thing is to do and then I thought, why don't I ask my fans what they would like?

I'll bet that you can give me the best answer to that, not?


So here's the question for you!

Would you like to have a song each time every once in a while? (multiple releases spread over the time)

Or wait for the 4 song mini cd single? (Longer wait but have 4 new songs at once to listen)

I really like to know what you think and have to say about it?

I'd appreciate it if you leave your comment here below, I'll get back to you right away!

We don't want to wait any longer right? ;)




- Will van Lierop